Thursday, May 12, 2005


Dogs...Vets... and Wealth

Bonnie Raised Questions

Hi, Bonnie and Rob,

Our dog Max never strays from our large well fenced back yard. A raccoon was just too much temptation for him however and he jumped down from our back balcony...6ft. jump.

We walk Max every day to Bill Moore Park here in Courtenay. So he is never frustrated to get out of the yard. All this happened about two years ago.

So out on his own, he got his left hind leg run over and I was on the search for him, so when I saw a small group of people at 17th and Fitzgerald, I knew I had found Max.

I took him to the vet Monday morning and the Vet put Max’s back leg in a bandage.

This all took about an hour and cost $519..

This brings up a few questions.

When you have time to think about this stuff, maybe you could let me know your views...

Bandaging a dog's leg, not one hours work. How does that become $500 in value?

$7000 in value for your dog's diagnosis and amputation. Is that 14 hours at $500 an hour?

Do you think that fees are fixed through Associations at painfully high levels?

Do you think Dentists, Veterinarians, Chiropractors and other professions should be allowed to set fees where they wish and lock out normal marketplace competition?

A veterinarian in Quebec who spoke with an accent was charging lower than association fees. They tried to shut down his business. They claimed his accent endangered the pet's well-being,

I heard him on television news and yes, he had an accent, but he was perfectly clear in his communication.... There should be a law!

Should your dog's injured leg have been bandaged and allowed to heal for a month or two? Was there any need to run into an amputation mode so damn soon?

While our Max's leg seemed useless for a couple of months, He is now completely mended and does not even have a limp.

Sorry to burden you with this heavy stuff, but you realize that when fees are set too high, The majority of pets do not get any vet attention and so cruelty to animals is massively increased.

I'm glad your three legged friend is bouncing back now. In Cumberland, nearby, there are some three-legged dogs, all obviously quite happy...

73s TonyGuitar @

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