Monday, May 02, 2005


At&T Syphon to my Wallet

AT&T - SBC - MCI - Qwest - Verizon
What does 8.44 billion dollars and AT&T, SBC, MCI,Qwest and Verizon mean to you?

It means a global telecom giant with a siphon firmly lodged in your wallet.

If this world combine, ( well they are attempting to combine as we read this), makes you
uneasy, you can email a protest message to government.

If you are very uneasy about this, print off a copy and mail it to Ottawa, postage free. Mail one to the whitehouse too. Messages by mail carry more than twice the influence of email.

Cell phone rates are high enough now! The last thing we need is a monopoly where if you don’t like the price, you jest ain’t gonna talk at all. (you’ll like this site), has a letter you can copy and paste to email or print for snail mail to Ottawa.

Google News has a 3rd update on this merger attempt (shudder) news.
May 2nd 2005 Where you can get the full picture.

73s TonyGuitar

no I did mean spookyoptics and it refers to the bend on or spin on reality as it is percieved today i.e: v-8 motors are in there isn't an issue with the environment.....that's spookyoptics....& thus my blog
I see...
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