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Information Wanted

We may be doomed.... We have 60,000 ships on the oceans burning the worst bunker fuels spewing poisons into the air every minute. We have hundreds of thousands of diesel burning tractor trailers shifting our foods and stuff over the world's highways in every country.

We have world industry building more dirty fuel ships and tractors every day.

If you see this trend turning around then please explain how. I admit I am sadly ignorant of how this is supposed to happen. Looking for hope and information from YOU. TG

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Payday Loan Fraud Continues

Consumer  Protection  Branch  was  a  help  to  us  a  few  years  ago.   Recently  they  caused  rip-off  payday  loan  offices  to  send  a  rebate  to  those  who  were  robbed.  I  have  a  friend  who  needs  cigarettes  badly  and  uses  a  pay-day  loan  firm.  They  did  send  her  a  rebate,  but  it  was  for  a  paultry  seventeen  [$17]  dollars.

She  would  borrow  $80  for  three  weeks  and  pay  back  $120.  They  would  charge  $40  to  load  that  $80  on  a  card  which  gave  her  only  $40.  She  borrowed  $80  almost  every  month.  er..$40.
Do  you  think  a  $17  dollar  rebate  covers  those  amazing  over  charges?

Do  you  think  the  Consumer  Protection  Branch  is  doing  the  job  they  are  paid  to  do?   Do  you  think  the  Consumer Protection Branch  is   offering  a  token  effort  just  to  shut  people  like  me  up?   Do  you  think  the  Federal  and  Provincial  governments  are  turning  a  blind  eye  on  these  rip-off  Payday  Loan  firms?    Harper  conservatives  enforce  few  laws  against  business.  Business  elects  them.

 The  numbers  I  show  above  are  breaking  Canada's  lending  laws.   I  complained  to  the  RCMP   and  they  agreed  it  was  excessive  but  also  said  it  was  a  '  civil  matter '.  White  collar  fraud....A  civil  matter?   Do  the  RCMP  expect  Pay Day  Loan  customers  to  pay  $1500  to  hire  a  lawyer.
This  is  a  frustrating  catch  22  for  me  as  I  watch   these  loan  sharks  continue  to  fleece  my  cigarette  dependent  friend  of  her  money.    Anthony Robinson
This  hard  working  janitor  cleans  up  the  smelly  stuff  to  make  the  place  fresh  for  us  along  the  shoreline,  yet  never  send  us  a  bill.   Wish  Pay Day  Loan  firms  could  have  reasonable  fees. TG

Monday, December 03, 2012


Pipeline Birds and Fish

Pipelines  and  delicate  creatures  like  this  waxwing  can  co-exist  when  Big  Oil  stops  being  so  selfish.   They  want  to  pipe  tar  sands  bitumen  in  heated  pipes   and  under  pressure  to  the  BC  coast  to  Kitimat.

Once  again  this  is  simply  corporate  greed  exporting  Canada's  resources  to  be  processed   by  cheap  labour   in  China  and/or  India .

Why   is  there  no  talk  of  refining  the  bitumen  in  Alberta   and  shipping   finished  products  that  will  not  wreck  our  coastal  marine  life?

An  Easy   question  to  answer.   Big  oil  is  selfish.    A  refinery  in  Alberta  would  require  union  workers  and  decent  wages.   OMG,  perish  the  thought.  Don't  let  this  line  of  thinking  get  out!

Mr.   Black  of  Black  Press  newspapers   slyly  suggested   a  refinery  at  Kitimat.   What's  wrong  with  that?  Bitumen   bypassing  the  refinery  and  shipping  directly  to  Asia  is  what  is  wrong  with  that.   Not  to  mention  the  contamination  risk  of  water  resources  from  Alberta  to  the  west  coast..   Nice  try  Mr.  Black,  but  please  do  not  consider  Canadians  as  fools.

The  Harper  government  has  stripped  the  teeth  out  of  environment  protection  as  it  is.    Once  tar  sand  bitumen  reaches  Kitimat  it  would  only  take  the  stroke  of  a  pen  to  allow  ever  greater   black  crude  amounts  to   ship  out   from   our   coast.

BC   still   ships  out  a  mass  of  raw  logs,  [  and  exports  jobs ],  but   our  provincial  government  is  on  the  ropes  so  no  chance  of  change  there.

Alberta   oil  and  the  corporations  that  profit  from  it  is  a  different  matter.   They  can  easily  afford  to  refine  in  Alberta and  ship   finished   products  for   added   profits  to   the  province   and  Canada  and  preserve  our  coastal  marine  and  bird  life  in  so  doing.

Mr.  Black  explained   a  refinery  in  Kitimat  made  sense  because  the  refinery  is  built  in  modules   that  can  be  shipped  in  ...[  foreign  jobs  again  ],  more  cheaply   than  construction  in  Alberta.    Not   a  valid  reason  for  risking  water  tables  we  need  to  live  on  from   Alberta  to   the  BC  coastline   in  my  humble  opinion.

So  we  can  have  our  cake  and  eat  it  too.   Only   don't   wait  for  Big  Oil  or  the  Alberta  government  to  mention  how.    They  just  want  quick  profits  and  to  hell  with  our  beautiful  waters  and  shorelines.  

This  is  what  ex-Alberta  premiere  Lougheed   had  in  mind  when  he  suggested  slowing  down  oil  expansion  a  little,'s  not  going  anywhere  and  prices  tend  to  hold  or  go  up,  so  why  not  do  as  the  wise  Mr.  Lougheed  suggested?     TonyGutar  -  TG

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Loans Gouging in Canada?

At  my  elbow  I  have  a  loan  agreement that a disability  friend  got  from  A  BC  payday loan  store.

My  friend,  like  most disabled persons,  is  addicted  to  cigarettes.  The  pay-day  loan  people  know  this  and  so  they  charge a  massive  interest  for 10 to 20  day cigarette loans.

The  loan  term  in this  contract  is  only  11  days.  Stated  loan  interest is $37.55

However  the  amount  borrowed  is  $100  and  the  repayment  amount  is  $200.84

The  trick  here  is  that  loading  a  card  for  the  customer  with  $100  value  costs  $50  and  taxes.

There  is  no  itemized  mention  for  the  card loading  fee  of $50

The  loan  contract  includes  four  pages  of  fine  print  paper work  so  there  is  no  way  a  customer  can  read  and  understand  all  the  complexities.  These  disabled  people  need  cigarettes  so  badly  that  they  just  sign  the agreement  regardless.

So  with  the  card  fee,  $50  and  the  loan  amount,  $100,  the  amount  owing  becomes  $163.29

Thus  the  total  to  be  repaid  is  $200.84  for  a  loan  of  $100  for  11  days.

The annual interest  rate  stated  on  the  contract  is 763.046%.  However,  quick  math  on  your  part  should  give  you  a  far  different and  higher interest  rate.

Loading  value  on  a  gift  card  at  Zeller's  costs  nothing.  How  do  our  Provincial  and  Federal  governments  allow  a  $50  fee  for  loading  a  card   at the  payday  loan  office?

How  do  our  provincial    and  federal  governments  allow  this  loan  gouging  of  disabled  persons  in  Canada?   Both  the  Harper  conservative  government  and  the  Christi  Clarke conservative   government ,  disguised  under  the  Liberal  label,  allow minimum or no  regulations  on  business,  but  this  free-for-all  for  profits  is  going  too  far.   At  least  for  those  of  us  who  have   a  slight  idea  of  fairness  in  business.

What  do  you  think?   Is  this unseen  and  unknown  practice good  business  in  your  view?

PS:  Snakes  are  beautiful .  I  really  like  snakes  but  loan gougers  are  the  lowest. TG


Loan sharking  white  collar  crime   is  condoned  by  Federal  and  Provincial  conservative  governments.  The  Christy Clark  B.C.  government  is in fact  Conservative  under  a false liberal  label.

Fact:   [1]

Thursday, November 11, 2010 | 6:38 AM PT

April 14/2012  Friend's Loan contract on my  desk  states   interest  of  $100  loan  for  11  days  equals...APR  of  768 %   Repay  amt = $200.84

Fact [2]

Same  CBC  news story;

'We're serious about enforcing consumer law.'—Manjit Bains, Consumer Protection BC.
This contract on my  desk  proves  that  to  be  an  amazing  lie.

Fact  [3]

There  are  12  pages  of  irate  comments  on  the  CBC  news  website.   Don't  bother  to  comment  there.  While  I  like  the  CBC,  it  is  clear  that  no  one  is  listening.  No  one  cares.  Nothing  is  being  done.

My  disabled  friend  has  made  more  than  10  of  these  desperate  for  cigarettes  loans.  There  has  never  been  a  refund  or  penalty  and  the  rip - off  continues  every  day.

Only  in  Canada  you  say?  Amazing  and  an  absolute  disgrace. TG


Payday loan company must refund B.C. fees

  check  the CBC facts, paste the link;

Thursday, February 02, 2012


One percent make silly errors

One Percent Make Errors

One percent of us hoards 99 percent of our national wealth. The one percent always declare that 'Greed is Good' . However, that can only be true in moderation, otherwise they choke the golden goose who provides that wealth ....We, who are the sheeple.

Unions raise our standards of living and living costs to some degree to be sure. Professional associations, on the other hand, raise our costs of living dramatically because, unlike unions, associations have no downward pressure against their alarming upward march to runaway levels of income greed.

Dental associations set rates that seem fit for only the highest income earners. Our national health costs have become impossible, because all health professionals belong to associations who set rates at ever higher levels. When we can not keep our teeth healthy the health care system is swamped with huge demand consequences. A government dental care subsidy would help preserve our health care system saving more than it costs.

Vets who care for your dog and cat have their association set rates surprisingly high. I was shocked to find that the cost to inject a final mercy needle for a very old cat was One Hundred and Thirty Dollars.

Clever CEOs make million dollar bonuses because they trick us common folk into paying much more for goods and services without us noticing how it is done and thus they avoid public backlash. No wonder they make the big bucks.

The crafty CEOs at BC Hydro adopted a two tier rate of billing for our electricity. The concept was to encourage us to use less and stay in the lower tier for the sake of the environment.  No  protest  and no recognition of  the  trick  in  the  media.

In reality though, this was a big rate increase, since no one can keep within the lower tier as the bar is set too low. If I , as a lone resident, and a frugal, [ Jack Benny Cheapo], type can not stay out of the upper tier of consumption, then it follows that no family household can avoid the upper tier and thus the higher electrical consumption rate hike.

The slick CEOs at BC Ferries managed to raise ferry fares Eighty Percent [80%] since 2003. According to an expert interviewed on the CBC. There was no massive revolt, however. Only recently has there been threats of boycott. Cleverness continues, and the BC Ferry execs promised that fares would not be raised again for a while. So boycott threats subside and we the sheeple are appeased.

Environment fees are another golden income goose for the government. Recently I paid a $6.50 enviro fee on a $89 printer. That’s a massive percentage rate for the fee. The government is raking in a golden windfall on these exorbitant fees. Good for provincial debt reduction and better odds for re-election. The BC HST was one sneaky venture that didn’t get by us. Goodbye premier Gordon Campbell. No bonus for you, only a giant sized pension.

Everywhere we turn, rates are going up while our incomes and jobs in general are going south. You would think the smart money hoarding one percent could see how this threatens the very value of their monopoly wealth.

On the CBC program 'The Dragons', where the phrase 'Greed is Good' is often spoken, they ask a contestant if he has an efficient plant where he can produce his new widgets.

The reflex answer is always, “Yes, we have a factory workforce lined up in China, ready and willing to begin production.”

No one raises an eyebrow. It seems that automatically everyone agrees cheap labour in China is the only logical choice.

So with costs rising and jobs going to Mexico, China, South Korea and Malaysia, one has to wonder how our quality of life in Canada can possibly continue.

The sillyness continues with our shipping out of raw logs and now the intent of shipping Tar Sands crude to China. That is export  of  Canadian  jobs.

A new refinery in Western Canada seems a wiser investment. The costs of the two proposed pipelines, [Kitimat  and Texas], and their risks to all water reserves seems like lunacy to me.  Refined products dissipate if spilled at sea. Far better than the damage of crude tanker spills that sooner or later kill the BC and or China coastal  seafood industries.

Would there be a backlash from millions of Chinese who depend on seafoods if our toxic Tar Sands crude were spilled over their shores, choking out all sea life?

Shipping Tar Sands crude to China seems crassly reckless. Aside from the certain toxic spill, there is the question of careful control of the toxic wastes from refining. China has contractors who dump wastes into the sea. Very profitable but not wise unless you have a clean planet to move to.

So the clever One percent, [Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Cinepec, etc], may consider keeping jobs in Canada, shipping cleaner value-added products and calming the rush to quick dirty profits via ill advised pipelines. One can only hope. They control Harper  via funding elections. We  the  sheeple influence very few.

PS.  Remember  the  BP  Gulf Oil Spill?
 BP was shown to be negligent for the huge Texas refinery explosion,2005, [ killing fifteen men]. A few years ago, Bp was made to pay the biggest corporate financial penalty in history. Is there a pattern?  60 Minutes TV...see previous post.


Friday, June 04, 2010


BP Whistleblowers mean BP must pay for Oil Spill

There are two whistleblowers who did work for BP giving eveidence to CBS 60 Minutes. These two men show clearly that BP was in a rush and ignored the safety of everyone on the platform.

The first man, [Mike Willams] worked on the rig and noticed broken rubber sealing parts in the drilling mud flow. The BP supervisor ignored his warnings and pressed on with production.

The second person [ Ken Abbott ], is an engineer who reviewed hundreds of blueprint drawings for another BP platform [ Atlantis ], with a far bigger oil flow capacity. He is very worried because in typical BP high pressure fashion, 89 to 95 percent of the blueprints were never properly reviewed and approved.

This Link is to CBS 60 minutes excellent account with inside information from Mike Williams.

Whitleblowers, those who have the courage to come forth with the truth, are essential if justice is ever to be fair and accurate.

This is the most dramatic and gripping occount of events I have ever seen. Not to be missed.

BP was shown to be negligent for the huge Texas refinery explosion,2005, [ killing fifteen men]. A few years ago, Bp was made to pay the biggest corporate financial penalty in history. Is there a pattern?

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Friday, June 06, 2008


Freedom ebbs in Canada via HRC - Human Rights Commissions

Harper and the Conservatives are doing a generally good job, yet there are loose ends that must be cleared up.

Pressed for time? Not really interested? Well here in short form, I ask, is this OK with you?

Freedom quietly ebbs away in Canada via [amateur paralegal] Human Rights Commissions.

In a nutshell then, here is why the Human Rights Commission related trials in Vancouver are so important.

Some Provincial Human Rights *police* have been abusing their powers.

In the beginning they protected rights of the minority from unfair discrimination. A good thing.

Recently they have been unfairly leveling charges and penalties upon authors who express opinions about things like the influence of immigrant groups. Not the same as malicious slander at all.

Authors have made observations about fund raising for terrorist groups, risk prone religious practice, and dress that conceals a person*s identity.

A free society should be able to talk about things that affect our security and freedom even if it does relate to one religious or ethnic group, so long as the debate contains no slur or disrespect.

The discussion of policy and security is not * hate speech*, yet the HRC can charge an author who writes about *sensitive* issues with a crime.

The government backed HRC [appointees], can lay charges and prosecute the author while attending their own employment five days a week without any cost or penalty, except for some overtime if desired.

The author must be absent from employment and pay for lawyers, assuming debt from day one and then certainly pay financial penalties as the HRC has never lost a case so far. [ Fishy?] a Kangaroo Court that is not a real court yet operates in Canada? Impossible, you say? Wanna* bet?

The freedom to express opinions or report on the dangers of some religious customs and deceptive fund raising is squashed by the HRC. Clearly un-Canadian , deceptive and dangerous. [ No appeal ].

Keep Canada free. Do not allow the HRC to stifle opinion and debate in magazines like Macleans, the National Post or the bogosphere.

Learn about this under-reported fiasco in the Steyn - Levant - Macleans Magazine VS Human Rights Commission series on Canadian Blogsite @ -
= TG

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